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Corporate Learning Benchmark
How 300+ Companies
will approach their L&D strategy in 2023.

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Discover the future or
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This report shows how 300+ companies approach their Learning & Development strategy in 2023. You'll gain insights into the biggest pitfalls in L&D, your industry's most efficient L&D strategies, and much more!

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Training is the #1 priority for 74% of companies.

Training was reported as either a priority of high or the highest level by 74% of the companies. 91% of respondents reported their learning budget would either stay the same or grow in 2023, even with predictions of a global recession.

39% of Training aren't retained effectively.

Employees are not retaining 39% of training knowledge. Other L&D challenges are: the impact of training can't be measured (38%), training isn't tailored to employee needs (36%), and failure to be cost-efficient (31%).

Mobile learning is used by 37% of companies.

Respondent’s interest in mobile learning increased sharply from last year. As more companies – especially those at the frontline – incorporate mobile phones as key devices to increase employee engagement & productivity.

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How can you make your learning better?

Ask yourself this:

  • How should your L&D architecture look?
  • Can one learning tool cover the needs of your entire company?
  • Which training system fits your business objectives?
  • What is the perfect mix of offline and online training for your company?
  • What are the biggest Learning & Development challenges and objectives companies face?
  • Does digitalised/mobile learning work for all types of staff?

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